Portable/tabletop laser recommendations

hello humans, we are looking into laser engraving our gear as a more permanent marking solution for inventory management at work, mainly small devices and pelican cases, probably not any metal.

it would most likely be simple engraves with inventory numbers, maybe a simple logo, that would then be filled with contrasting paint.

does anyone have any recommendations on brands or models for this kind of task?

furthermore, does anyone have any experience lasering pelican cases?

appreciate any insights!

I’ll be the guy that warns you about PVC and other materials that off-gas toxic fumes, so please check what your widgets are made of and make sure that lasering it won’t create cancer gas :smile:

After that, I’ve heard of a company called LaserPecker that specializes in portable lasers.
I can’t vouch for their quality, and you may be able to find a cheaper knock off, but that’s as much advice as I can give without knowing your budget etc.

EDIT: apparently pelican cases are made of copolymer polypropylene which, google’s AI results say isn’t hazardous to laser. I would attempt to verify that manually rather than trust Google’s LLM, especially if this is indoors and there are employees around.

@Sarah was playing around with one recently if I recall?

Oh yeah, Xtool 1. Super portable and easy to focus.

Yeah definitely will be doing this out back regardless since I’m not trying to ventilate any kind of laser particles into the warehouse regardless of known toxicity. Will be testing all the plastics with the green flame situation

The main impetus for portability is some of our pelicans are just too big to fit into the bed of even tarkin

Good to know about the xtool, I heard about laserpecker also so I’ll do some research