Portable Dust Collector - Do Not Bypass Cyclone

Do not bypass the cyclone dust separator on the portable dust collector. The 2 inch hose connects directly to the cyclone separator. The idea is to save the vac filters, and not have to empty the vacuum very often.

To empty the vacuum, the cart has to be taken apart. Loaded vacuum filters kill vacuums.


Hmm any idea why someone would do this? The separator wouldn’t likely be clogged. Maybe just confused by the hoses and simplifying by just using the vacuum?

Do we actually know it was being used with the separator disconnected, or did we just see that the vac had stuff in it?

The 2" hose from the vac to the cyclone was hooked up to one of the 2" wand attachments, running from the attachment to the vac, no cyclone.

I would agree on the confusion, except that one of the extension wands was stuck to the hose.