Portable dust collector 101

Attached are photos of one of the portable dust cart that I tore down today. It was clear that the bag had not been checked, and that the vacuum was used to pick up water at some point.

In their modified condition, they should not be used for water. If the buckets on top are emptied regularly, the bags can last several months. The way this one was filled to bursting makes me think that someone bypassed the bucket and filling the bag. Do not bypass the buckets.

Every time you use one of these, please empty the bucket on top.

Also, I noticed today that someone was pulling the tips off of the nozzle assembly. If you press the blue dots at the base of the nozzle assembly, they pop off of the hose adapter, at the end of the hose. This may explain why there is always a plethora of rubber nozzle ends separated from the nozzle snap fittings. Please do not take the ends off. Remove the entire vacuum nozzle assembly, by pressing the blue dots.

In the first photo below, you can see the blue dots to the left. The second photo is a collection of removed rubber adapter ends, that should not have been removed. It also shows the hose adapter with the nozzle assembly properly removed.

If something is missing, please report it here on Discourse, email to workshop@asmbly.org, or scan any red QR code.


I’m not sure if it’s been found yet, but the last time I used the domino the specific adapter was not in the case, and I scoured all the vacuums but could not find the exact one

Please report that, when you notice it. We have extra adapters in the stewards cabinet. I try to keep spares on hand. I can look at it tomorrow or Saturday.

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I used the Domino yesterday (Sunday 4/16), and there was adapter in the case. So someone (Charlie?) must have tracked one down and put it back in the case. Thank you! I put it back in the case when I finished yesterday.

I didn’t, but I’m glad that it showed up.

I try to keep extra nozzles in the stewards cabinet. I have some parts on order, some of which will replace the adapters at the end of the hose. One or two are missing. The adapters are reverse threaded…

A reminder to all: Do not remove the rubber tip from the nozzle. Press the blue buttons at the base. I’m still finding separated nozzles.