Polyprinter filament

I wanted to 3D print a couple of parts that are larger than my resin printer can handle. (210mm diameter x 13mm high).

There have been some conversations about bringing your own filament - which I did early last year - but it was not the Polyprinter brand (Polypronter?) so I couldn’t use it. I donated it to “the cause”.

I’ve scheduled some time on Sunday but don’t know if I still need to get a spool of my own or can get some from another user etc. Please advise. Thanks


I like hatchbox abs. It prints really well in the polyprinter.

thank you Joe

There are some bins in the space that have filament in them. However, the majority of the filament that is there is mostly for the Taz because it is either 2.85 or 3 mm in size. You don’t necessarily need the poly printer brand. I would come prepared with my own spool to be safe. Also, the qidi has a larger bed than the poly printer does. Where the polyprinters build area is 229x229x229 mm the Qidi is 300x250x300mm

I appreciate the information. The polyprinter is big enough. That said I can’t say that I know one from the other - other than one is a resin printer and then there are three (I think) that are filament printers. I know less about them. I just hope I can get this done without issues. Thank again though