Polyprinter class or education

Hi folks

Rob taught a class on 3d printing which I participated in prior to covid and I don’t (or can’t) remember much unfortunately. Is there a wiki on this or is Rob still around?

Got stl files but can’t get things working and have no interest in breaking things. Are there resources I could tap in to?


What seems to be the issue? I am a somewhat skilled artisan of 3D printers will be having some 3D printing classes in the near future. I should be able to assist if not find out the answer for you.

Hi Gregory.

The issue has everything to do with my lack of experience and knowledge. I’m like a monkey with a typewriter wanting to create the poetry of Rilke - but on the Polyprinter. I bang on the keys and nothing happens. I even brought my own filament!!! Never got around to opening the package. I saw the sign “Don’t remove the filament when cold”. Left well enough alone.

Rob was kind enough to go through the process of printing a part before COVID made a mess of everything. I just need to go through the machine setup, slicing and printing.

I will say this about the computer dedicated to the Polyprinter. I found the mouse cursor difficult to see and the mouse itself oversensitive.

The KISSlicer interface was also difficult to navigate. I downloaded KISSlicer v1.6.2 on my home computer and navigating the file system was effortless. Might there be an upgrade?

The combination of the mouse cursor size and visibility and the general comfort of the space left a great deal to be wished for. I also found the space very dusty, dirty and cluttered.

I’m not one to complain but to help make it better.

My wife tells me I could do a better job when I clean things. I’m better at organizing space. I learned never to refer people to her for any of my job recommendations. She IS impeccably honest.

If I could use my home computer to slice my .stl files and bring in the g-code that would be great. When I do that I get warnings that certain settings have not been established. (I don’t know what they are or how to change them but I forgot what Rob told me).

A class setting would be nice to get a refresher or meet up at the space and work on my computer to get parameters properly established. But perhaps I could just “tag along” as you started a job and I could ask questions and make notes. Open to ideas.

When is a good time to meet up at the space so that i can answer any questions, as I’m more of a hands on kind of learner as it is? Also if you want to bring a laptop in we can see what issues may lie in slicing at home and just bringing in the g-code as well as possible alternatives too.

I agree it is a bit dusty but there’s no way around that as the space in that area isn’t really used much at the moment and the fact that there’s no way to block dust coming from the woodshop.

It is a bit cluttered and i’m attempting to brainstorm ideas that could possibly help that situation such as possibly tiered or staggered shelving spaces for the printers themselves and possibly a spot for the computer to be near it but out of the direct line in case others are printing or doing something. Haven’t really dove into it too much as I’m only going on 3 months as being a member. But I’m definitely trying to think of ways to improve upon what is already there and make it more efficient/organized. I am definitely one that does not like to go searching for something that has a dedicated location. If you possibly have any ideas for the space we can discuss that too as any input at this time is good input.

So just let me know when a good time for you to meet up at the space is as I’m pretty flexible with scheduling.

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Thanks for getting back. My schedule open too. I checked SKEDDA and saw you have scheduled time on big red Sunday morning early. I don’t want to cut into your time on Big red but perhaps we could visit while your project / machine is busy. I could come in around 7? giving you time to set up and start?

I can bring my computer.

Something I’ve learned in the construction industry: “When all else fails, read the instructions.” [Children rarely arrive in your life with manuals, and it shows. I am dyslexic and I have to remind myself (after I’ve f’ed something up) to visit the instructions, again.]

I did finally find the manual for the 229 online and I’m reading the same. So I should be able to get started.

Let me add that added SISSlicer to the F360 menu of slicers and got it working. Certain errors popped up on one of the print jobs. I am trying orienting the part on the bed and slicing it again to get rid of errors. We’ll see.

If anyone is following this thread and is interested I’m including my reference materials. They might be (shoud be) available on the website perhaps along with manuals for the other printers. Just a thought.

The quick start guide and Manual for the PolyPrinter can be found following this thread"

Towards the bottom of the page under Documentation are the “Quick Start Guide” and “User Manual” pdf files. There is a typo in the link on that page to the user manual however leaving out a space character. (Oops). Here is the correct link:

Even before taking a Hackerspace course, it might have proved useful to read some things first. I doing so now.

Good job finding that. I can’t recall if I searched for the manual for this printer or not a few months ago. @valerie will know how to get it there. I saw she commented on my last post. As a side note @valerie, are you aware if we have a raspberry pi or if it would be possible to obtain one for a print server for the printers? If so I have found where I can manipulate the software to only need a single pi that would be able to run multiple printers. Which would help in consolidating them in a more organized fashion. Not something that’s needed immediately if we don’t have it but maybe in the next couple months. If it’s possible then I can start to work on design plans for some form of shelving or layout for the printers.

I may not even be able to use big red if I don’t finish my preemptive tasks today for it, and that all depends on if my pooch decides to be cooperative and photogenic.

I definitely make an attempt to read instructions first if a project comes with them. That is until I saw the manual for the tazbot printer we had and that is no easy feat. I therefore decided to find out how to operate it via youtube.

I’ve actually never used kissslicer, but I’m sure it’s easier than using simplify3d. I am a techie though so can deal with troubleshooting issues fairly easily. But like I said there are other possible solutions to remedy any issues that may arise.

Well I’ll plan on meeting up with you there tomorrow morning.

Thanks guys! I added the Quick Start and User Manual to our Google Drive in a new folder we have for Machine Guides and we can link to them on our wiki (@Jon can you add that on the wiki?).

I’ll respond on the pi stuff in 3D Printer Monitoring