Plumbing help needed

The lobby bathroom is in need of some plumbing repairs. The toilet is running and needs a new handle. The sink is also leaking, I’m not sure of the repair needed for it. Please reach out if you can help with these.

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I will order a toilet kit with handle. The sink needs a reducer pipe and o ring.

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Toilet kit has been ordered. Should be here Tuesday. I think the reducer we need is for 1.5 to 1.25" with oring


In the meantime jiggling the handle seems to stop it.

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The old “jiggle it a little” trick. I like saying that out loud.

I will go to home depot and pick up a new fitting for the leaking sink.

So I replaced the leaky pipe. Turns out there is a leak also from the drain.

New drain is going to be here Wed. The toilet internals will be here tomorrow. The shipping label will have my name preceded by “lobby toilet” feel free to open and change the parts for the sink and toilet if you feel confident.

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Thanks Joe!

The handle on the toilet has been replaced. At some point we should go ahead and replace the rest of the toilet guts

I replaced the sink drain. It is still leaking with new parts. I will get some plumbers putty and give another go this week.

Might be easier to just replace the whilentoilet at this point. Reasonably priced for standard ones now.

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I have the toilet guts. Just need to install later this week