Please red tag machines

If a machine stops working while you are using it, please red tag it as defective. Although posting it in forums isn’t a step in the process, it would be greatly beneficial to those of us who schedule 3-4 hours of time and drive from the nether regions of Travis county/Austin. It was working when I left this morning. Also the workshop team doesn’t know it’s broken if no one tells them about it. Taking time to adult is what keeps this place operating at its smoothest. (Yes I know adult isn’t a verb be we all have to adult some time)


The OED recognizes “adult” as a verb now :slight_smile:

[NO OBJECT]informal

  • Behave in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially by accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks.

awesome im ahead of the times.

There was a red tag on the planer. It was plugged into the wrong type of power. I plugged it back into the correct power and ziptied it to reduce the behavior. The rikon is red tagged. I’m not sure why?

edit. I thought about the Rikon after getting some sleep. The blade guard was loose and jammed into the upper wheel when someone went to raise the blade guide. I unjammed it and tightened the blade guard. I didn’t check the function of the saw. I assume that was the issue.

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