Please don't unplug any cables

Please don’t take it upon yourself to unplug any cables connected to the 3d printers unless it’s the power cord because you are rebooting it. If you feel that something isn’t operating properly please use the proper channels such as discourse, red-tagging, etc. to remedy the issue you feel you are having. As a reminder, this is a volunteer ran community so repairs and maintenance are done when the people are able to do so.

As a side note, the reason the laptop wouldn’t work with the polyprinter cable is that you were using the USB cable for the webcam

I’ve found that labeling cables really helps. I use key tags with a zip tie. I use this for Ethernet and USB cables.

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I think labeling the cables would be somewhat counter-productive to what we want the status quo to be. Which is to not unplug any of the cables. Otherwise, i’d fully agree.

Label them all with “DO NOT UNPLUG”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Labels would be super helpful including that they go to and “DO NOT UNPLUG” on ones that should never be unplugged.