Plastic Shredder

We have some people who are interested in building a plastic shredder. There are several versions. Basic Shredder, Pro Shredder. I am gauging interests in who wants to make there own shredder. The main difference is the basic shredder is a single shaft design. The pro model has 2 axles with more moving parts. The timeline is about a month from now.

They also need help with welding, fab, electrical, and … They are willing to pay for consulting help. That would be negotiated.


I’m interested in a basic shredder for myself, and I’m interested in helping out with this where I can. :slight_smile: I have a bit of training for welding. Also interested in getting down with learning more about electrical work too.


We’re getting ready! For other interested folks, see “injection mold” thread. @JoeN, we should talk about materials and getting everybody ready to start at the same time. Excited to work with yall!

I would like to build a basic for myself as well. I’d be willing to help out as well with whatever I can.

I messaged wih Alex who built one before. He gave me some pointers. He said look in the precious plasctics bazaar for people posting with laser or waterjets to cut the knives for the shredder

I know that we want to build everything to learn and gain experience. I have found this setup for sale on the Precious Plastic website. I believe Devon was looking for this and was a bit short on time. Shredder

Yes, let’s get going on this project – I’ve been sick but would love to get started. First week of August? @bill, @mistertwo, @David78737, do you have materials? Maybe @JoeN we need to start with a Zoom to see where we are on materials for each Shredder.

Hey Guys,

We’ve been busy building the compression molding machine at our shop but definitely excited to get started.

We’ve got the 1" square tubing left from the compression molding build to be used for the frame of the shredder but are still looking for a laser cutter to do the blades and will follow up again with Rob about the cutter me mentioned in Mexico that he had worked with before.

We are investigating motors for the shredder and would welcome any insight on that front!



You could skip the laser process and buy this one. Ebay.
You can also get a waterjet company to cut the blades if you want. I would suggest a 5 horse 220v single phase motor. When you are ready to buy a transmission. I would look for a low gear ratio.

Hey Joe,
Thank you, that is seeming like a more and more attractive idea! Thank you for sending the link, it is very much appreciated.


Let me know if you end up buying the shredder portion for expediency. I think several people are interested in helping out to get more knowledge about the build.

Are there any services in town where we can get the cuts made? Or are any of the machines at the space capable?

Hot of Texas Metalworks. He has a waterjet and fab shop. Ion Art has a fiber laser. There are a few others. I can start inquiring. I was thinking about having a zoom meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday for everyone who is interested?

I’m in.

Me too.

Hi I found atx hackerspace in hopes of building my own P.P. machine but building it with other people would be even better. is it too late to get involved w this?