Plasma Cutting Pointers

So my work has me trying to do a rush project and I’m having to use a plasma cutter to try and cut some pre-folded sheet metal.

My first attempt I used a regular welding helmet making it next to impossible to do quick checks through the cut, so my checks were less frequent and cuts much …irregular lol

I got an auto darken helmet from northern tool and this meant I could instantly check where I was throughout the cut.

So my second cut was much better, but still leaves much to be desired.

Wondering if anybody has any pointers for how to get cleaner cuts using a plasma cutter.

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Tune you amps down or speed up your movement. Also make a block that has an offset with the shape of your cut so you are just following a jig.

Attempt number 3 -V

What would you recommend makimaking the offset block out of?

What in the images is telling you my amps is to high? How would I know if my amps are to low?

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Looks better than my first attempt. The metal was dripping :frowning:

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speed up your cut or turn down the amps

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