Planer Dust Collection Clog

Just a reminder to make sure open the planer blast gate and empty the dust collection bag when its full. Nothing wrong with asking for help!

Noticed the planer was backed up and kicking back a lot of shavings. Emptied the bag and removed clog. Assuming the clog happened because use with the blast gates were closed.


Thank you!

Also, I noticed the bottom of the attachment just has tape to close the gap and increase suction.
There are bolt holes (assuming it’s the same as the top) on the bottom which would be ideal?

I won’t mind grabbing a couple bolts from HD when I go later tonight, will just need to grab a bolt from the top (assuming they are all the same size)

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That would be fantastic. I replace the tape sometimes but i know it does basically nothing haha. I was also thinking we could cnc or lazer engrave a sign to remind people to empty the collection bags

Take one of the top ones. Probably the same.

Top bolts were M8, bottoms are M6!

Didn’t get a chance to plane anything because I was a bit busy cleaning up the last person(s) mess :frowning:

@kingkeyan Sorry that happened.

Thank you for getting the bolt sizes

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