Planer cleaning

Today, the planer was having trouble feeding hardwood. After verifying the rollers were all functiong, several things were found.

  • The dust guard on the infeed side was extremely caked with glue/ woodchip mixture. Please make sure all material run through the planer is dry and glue is cured. After fixing this, the dust collection on the planer works great again.
  • The bottom rollers and the bottom bed plate had more glue clumps built up on them. They were scrubbed clean and all rollers got a scrubbing. I wont say they are perfect but they are a lot better.

After these cleanings and a fresh coat of glode coat, the planer ran great.

TLDR, please dont run wet glue through the planer.


thanks @gordoa40 for the help with this.


Here’s a photo for reference if all the gunk cakes up on the dust guard. Its kinda hard to see but it was a ton, and the last pic shows all that we were able to remove.