Pikler Triangle

A quick project for my 7-month old granddaughter before I run out the door.

Can anybody guess her name? :innocent:



You said guess, never said it had to be a reasonable or correct guess


She likes it. Yey!!

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Beautiful! Both of them! Be sure and put a “NO CLIMBING” sign on it for her, :joy: I can see in her eyes those wheels are already turning.


@TravisGood are those the triangle parts you cut when we were testing the Shark?

It looks like the spoilboard cuts I saw on there.

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Yeah, I know Travis used our testing as an opportunity to cut these but also know he was seeing some weird retraction behaviors that caused some issues with his cuts, so didn’t know if they ended up making it into the final product.

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Yes, you can tell by the trace in the spoil board. :grin: