Pendent Jog Inconsistency - CNC Router

Hey all. I was in this morning cutting a few things on the CNC and I noticed the pendent jog in the counter clockwise direction (75% sure it was counterclockwise) was jittery and inconsistent. The other direction worked normally and when using the arrow keys both x and y were smooth in either direction. All of my programs ran fine but I thought I’d post this just incase it’s a sign of something that needs to be looked at. Also, I did check for the “change battery” light and it was not on.

Yes last night I discovered the manual jog wheel on the mpg was skipping some steps. It does not affect the machine’s ability to run jobs, just not smooth to manually jog from the mpg.

There’s a couple of these controllers now that were damaged and kept for parts, both have good jog wheels so I think we can just swap the wheel

Wasn’t the jog wheel encoder, actually. It was something on the PCB. Swapped guts with one with a damaged keypad.

All fixed


Thanks Danny!