Pearl turned itself off and won't turn back on

I’ve been cutting 1/8" acrylic on Pearl this evening. Had been cutting really well, no problems, then it turned itself off just before finishing a cut line. I saw the chiller was at 25 degrees, so figured that was why and let it cool down. I turned everything off completely, and tried turning it back on, but the screen will not come on at all.

@dannym any suggestions? I’m hoping to get it back on to at least finish the cut line on this acrylic I’ve been cutting.

We checked the breaker and it wasn’t popped, but we flipped it anyway to be sure. Also tried moving it to the Laser 2 outlet. That didn’t work either. Maybe a blown fuse?

@torchedguitar got a multimeter and confirmed blown fuse. @dannym where can we find more fuses? The laser supply cabinet is incredibly hard to find anything in…

Not a regular replacement item. I want to look this over for a root cause before trying to replace the fuse, it risks real damage

@torchedguitar and @mark999 found a fuse in elab and replacing that fixed it

Please don’t try to power it up with another fuse yet

Sorry already did and it is now working fine. It was replaced with an identical fuse. Not sure exactly what caused the fuse to blow but I suspect it has to do with the chiller getting hot.

I live nearby and we had some power fluctuations this afternoon.

Yeah, our neighborhood at home lost power yesterday. From what people said, it sounded like the thing in our neighborhood might have been a transformer blowing. Had to hard cycle our AC zone controller off and on to get it to come back afterward.

When this happened with Pearl though late in the evening last night, no other machines or lights showed power issues.

OK, that would be a simple reason the fuse would blow without an actual prob, but it would need to have happened at the same time. It would be really helpful if we had power quality monitoring for this sort of thing

This occurred around 8pm, so not afternoon time, and there were no other power issues in the space. Not saying it isn’t possible it was a wider power issue, but given the evidence it is extremely unlikely. Both Dorian and Tarkin where in use at the time as well and did not have any power issues, nor did any of the computers.