Panel Saw Repairs

Thanks to @EricP for ordering new wheels for the panel saw. The wheels were installed this morning. The wheels were installed on the right hand side. It will help feed material in more easily. We need to order the sacrificial bearings and one more set of wheels. The panel saw is slowly getting improvements.

Eventually a new blade shroud with dust collector port will be added. One of the cam bushings and wheels is missing on the right hand side. I will have a student make the bushing this week.


The new wheels look a lot nicer than the old ones, too!


Thanks for doing that Joe, sorry I didn’t get them on sooner. I did replace the last cracked red roller on the left side, with the white wheel I had snagged as a reference. I believe all the rollers are now whole, but I would suggest replacing the remaining red ones at some point.

No worries. I saw them and decided it was time. We definitely need to order a set to complete all of the remaining wheels. Once the sacrificial bearings are replaced. The panel saw should cut very nicely.

Thanks for working on this Joe, Having a nice panel saw makes projects with plywood a lot easier to handle.

Hey @JoeN

Any update on the bearings for the saw. Once you get them cut, I’ll gladly install the on the saw.

We are thinking about turning the parts for the sacrificial bearings and the bottom wheels. I will get a price on raw stock for the bottom wheels. I feel that the sacrificial bearings are over priced.

I agree.

If any one is at the space and has a moment to spare. Could you measure the diameter of the bottom wheels? I need to order some plastic for it. Thanks in advance

The outside diameter is a little under 2.5 inches

If I remember correctly. I believe the wheel is 1.75" wide by 2.5" tall, with a 1" hole for the “bearing” in the middle.

Thank you

Thank you

I’m getting some quotes for plastic now