Paint Rack on CNC

Here is a very quick and cheap drying rack made on CNC with ~1/2 sheet MDF and no waste (except for the 1/4 end mill path). Ended up being sturdier than I expected. Disassembles and stores nested like on CNC. Probably not for really heavy items, but oak cabinet panels work just fine.

VCarve design (identical mirrored sides):


Very slick!

Nice! How did you join the pieces together so it disassembles conveniently? Threaded screws? It looks like a 3 piece set if we exclude the two boards at the time. If so, that’s marvelously simple!

Yeah, I was making some cabinet panels on the CNC already, so throwing this design on the same sheet made for some quick work. I just used screws, but could switch to T-nuts and bolts into the 2x4’s if they loosen over time. I had to make a “paint room” in my garage to make it convenient for me to use my HVLP sprayer for projects. The plastic sheets simply roll up on PVC to the ceiling. (same with floor covering). Makes it easy as I can be set up in ~15 min.

Would also be nice to have a paint booth at ASMBLY. :grinning:

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Nicely done! I might make a set for my finishing room. How well does it hold larger doors that extend to the front of the rack?

Btw, it looks like you’re all set but for future reference I rent out my spray booth with a discount for Asmbly members.

It does, but I do notice some deflection. I’ll let you know how it goes as I have an entire kitchen to manage through.

Good to know about your paint room. I’m spraying precat lacquer (clear for carcass and pigmented for doors) so I can spray multiple coats in the same day. Love the stuff, but it does have a very strong odor!

I used to use precat lacquer and conversion varnishes for speed but I won’t spray them or any other solvent based finishes any more due to the fumes and off-gassing. Coincidentally, today I received for testing some waterbased finishes and paints from CIC Coatings, which advertise having the same recoat and dry time as lacquers. I’ll let you know how they perform.

Please do let me know. That would be great if it has the durability as well. I have been somewhat skeptical on the water based claims, but technology is certainly advancing! I also like the viscosity of the precat lacquer as it sprays beautifully, even with an HVLP sprayer. I achieved a factory finish on the clear lacquer on the carcass, hoping for the same on the doors.

Very cool! If you’re willing, please add it to the shared drive!