Our website generates a weird preview on Discord

I posted our URL to someone on Discord. Discord helpfully generated a preview of the website. It’s kind of baffling. Anyone know who Ashley St. Claire is and why this person is the face of Asmbly?

I think she was in charge of volunteers in early 2021

Ashley is the holder of the “Principal Officer” of ASMBLY Makerspace as you see below of this screenshot of the IRS Form 990 short form.

Never met her but in doing some research for www.HELPS-AUSTIN.com

I came across her name. She does have a web presence and lives in Austin

Ashley was on the Asmbly board prior to the ATXHS acquisition, and she’s the original author of the website. Asmbly and ATXHS didn’t combine under the board we know now until 2021.

I can’t figure out why her name’s showing up in the preview; I don’t see it anywhere in the page source.

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Her name is in a couple of files that are referenced in the source of the website, Discord might be pulling information from there to generate the link preview for some reason:

For example:

You could search your entire code base and just remove her name if you want, then redeploy the website (though it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, maybe keep it as an item for the next website update)

The website is largely managed through a WordPress portal and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have edited any code directly (she’s a designer, not so much a coder). We should figure out where it’s set in WordPress, otherwise it’s possible manual changes get overwritten from there.

Also thanks for this thread and the info people found for where this is in the HTML!