Oscillating Spindle Sanders

Hi All,

New to the space, so decided to post on here instead of the problem reporting QR codes just cause I wasn’t sure if this was a known problem/just the way it is kind of thing, or if it’s something that can be taken care of.

It seems that both of the oscillating sanders have issues. The one on the left doesn’t have any vertical motion in the spindle and makes a clunking noise while running. The Rigid one seems to spin and move fine while its unloaded, but as soon as you try to sand anything both the spinning and the vertical motion stop.

The one on the left is a known issue. I’ve been a fan of tossing it for a while. The Rigid has had a good life, but maybe it’s time… We tried to rehab it 6 months ago-ish. I used it a week or so ago, and didn’t have an issue, so long as I didn’t press hard on the drum. Still, it’s probably time.

Yeah, I tried to play around with tightening down the top nut and trying to press as lightly as possible, but it really didn’t seem to matter. Anything light enough to let the spindle keep spinning wasn’t sanding anything.

I pushed a piece of pine scrap excessively hard into the Ridgid and could not get it to stall. @mkmiller6 I’ll be back at Asmbly to teach woodshop safety 6-8 this evening if you’re available to show me what was happening.