Orientation required before classes?

I have some friends that are interested in talking classes at Asmbly. Do they need to take the New Member Orientation class before signing up for other classes?

Classes are available to the general public, but if they wanted to join asmbly or use any of our tools (apart from class time), then they would need to take the orientation and of course pay for the membership.

At least that’s my understanding, correct me if I am wrong @valerie @David


That is correct. We’ve started putting doorbells up shortly prior to classes to help nonmember students get in.


Thank you!

I think the doorbells are primarily being used for orientations thus far in part because we don’t have a central storage available yet for teachers (pending the OpenPath lockers) or a good onboarding/training process to communicate things like this.

Classes are available to the general public but to schedule equipment use after the class you have to be a member. You are correct that to become a member you must take the Orientation class, sign the member waiver form and pay for membership.