Orientation Conflict

Hi my name is Keegan Black and I’m hoping to join. I see that new member orientations are usually on Tuesdays at 7pm. Unfortunately I have a recurring conflict at that time, are there any other options?


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@kye Keegan is a good friend of mine – worst case, if orientation can’t be moved, I’m open to giving him the run-down if someone would send me the slide deck. Just as a last resort, of course.


That is a great offer, Adam, thank you. It would actually be great if we had another person who felt comfortable offering the orientation every now and then. Maybe we could announce a Thursday orientation during one of the weeks we take off, and allow in any others who wanted to attend?
I bet @wynd and I could set up a time and would be willing to walk you through any questions that come up in going through the orientation slides – could that work?
Thanks again for offering.
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Yeah, that would work! I’m a bit busy next week with school, but any time on/after Monday 10/19 would work well for me.

That all sounds fantastic thank you!

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