Organize Hand Tools

One of the projects we have listed for the 8/14/21 work day requires a little bit of research ahead of time. We’d like to get the pegboard hand tool wall a bit more organized and cleaned up. It’s a huge improvement already from where we started, but it’s been needing some love and a tune up for a while now.

The advance research…

  • Check out what’s currently on the wall and determine what needs replacing. You don’t have to spend a ton of time on this, just mostly coming up with a list of items we are good on (like maybe chisels?) and items we should restock (like screw driver and plier sets)
  • Come up with a layout plan that will keep things neat, organized, and easy to find
  • Find some good economy type listings for the items we need to restock. Many of the items on this wall are things we expect to need to re-buy periodically and they are also items that tend to accidentally walk off. As such, we’re not looking for creme de la creme (Harbor Freight is probably the best go to for this stuff).

If these things can happen quick enough, we can hopefully execute the plan and restock the wall with the newly purchased needed items.

Anyone up for helping with this?

I think some improvement on the screw driver holders, chisel holder, and file holder would be good. The naming convention should be more in line with the how the are actually named. If someone needed information on how to use a hand tool. They could more easily Google it with a good name.


This is what I did in my kitchen for my pots and pans so that way I always knew here something went or if it were missing. Just some black paint and a white paint pen to outline.


Yup, something like that would be awesome!

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