Optiplex Computers REFURBISHMENT

Hi guys,
We have a bunch of 980 and 990 Optiplex computers that were donated.
Would someone be willing to go through them, check condition, harvest from each-other if needed. Then install windows 10 and some other software on them.

Let me know if your interested and I can set you up a work area.

Thanks for helping out,

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There are 7 total

I can spend some time on this, if you just want to talk with me sometime this week I can work on them

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Sweet i’ll get with you sometime this week.


@da5idii . One thing about the user setup if you just want to setup an admin user and a standard user without admin rights that should be good. Also if you want you can put the actual password in the hint for the standard user.

Thanks Again,

We need a computer next to the rotary laser. Will one of these work there? Also, how’s progress on this project?

I have one ready to go

Biggest need is that lounge PC running VCarve. It’s a really important machine, but it got passed over for upgrade so far. I think it’s like Windows 7, and it is pathologically slow to boot and load basic software. Please, please focus on upgrading that machine specifically.

I agree. It is running Windows 7. I have files on my flash drive that the CNC computer can read but the one in the lounge cannot. I’m willing to put in some time on an upgrade. It looks like both the hardware and software need an upgrade. I don’t know if the above upgrade Of the OptiPlex computers named above has already been done, but I’m willing to help with that if it has not. I don’t know how far you want to carry that upgrade and what we have available. I can do both the hardware and the software. If the hard drive is old, they have a defined lifetime. Even SSDs and nvmes have limited read/write cycles (so much better than others). I think the focus should be on longevity and reliability. I think we should stick with either enterprise grade or at least server grade storage.

Thanks @Fmartin we can allocate one for there too. I will get with you next week and you can pick out an SSD upgrade and install a new OS on one of the Optiplex’s.

Or if you would like to crack the case and look at what’s in the current computer, if its worth upgrading the memory/ storage/OS on the existing computer we can do that.

Just message me directly if you have any questions

Sounds great Eric. I’m on my way to Hackerspace right now to work on the router (raise the table height to the outfeed table height, Fix the back door. I’m going to do a quick and dirty solution with some adjustable height feet. If we want to do rollers with locking later it can be added. Don’t have the equipment for the dust collection yet. I bought what I could at Lowe’s to complete the initial part of the project. I could look at the computers tonight if they’re accessible. I can do it later if that’s not convenient.

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@Fmartin Sounds good feel free to send the receipts to treasurer@atxhs.org with a description so you can get reimbursed. I have 4in dust hose as well as speed control for the router if you would like to add that as well.

The optiplex’s are 970,980,990 I believe.


Sure, I can add the speed control

I am on my way to Hackerspace now. Is there way to locate the 4 inch dust collection hose? Also I could take a look at the computers if they’re accessible. I still don’t know where they are. If it’s not convenient I can do it another time. I will be going out of town for a couple of days on Sunday. i’d like to get some work in on them before hand.

The computers are in Coworking the one you can use is an optiplex 990 @JoeN can grab it for you if he’s there soonish (it’s on the chair by the rest of them.)
The 4in hose is probably by the rotary laser if not it’s in Coworking too. I bought a 4in flange mount that will be here mondayish I assume that is a major constraint to installing it on the router fully.


I did hang the variable speed control on the router and connected it. Because of the hook on the end of it, I just put a screw under the table and hooked it on. I put it next to the switch so the people would see it And be able to control it from the front. I didn’t have time to print instructions on how to use it. I connected it properly, switched it to variable, turned the speed all the way up, and unplugged it into the switch. I left the cord on top of the router. It should plug-in where people are used to plugging the router power in.
I bought a 4 inch right angle flange mount as well as some other fittings. I have a Y With 1 x 3 fittings and 4 clamps. I have 2 blast gates. For now, I was going to piggyback into the other dust collector which is attached to the planer And drum sander. If We get another desk collector in the future, we could connect it to the router and jointer. If we use the blast gates properly, we should be able to maintain suction if we closed the unused ones. The money might be better spent in a vortex collection system Attached to the dust collector for all four of these devices. I saw that someone has multiple Vortex collectors and a trashcan That looks like Danny’s collection system at the C&C machine. Something like that, or even a shop built thein type precollector would be good (we could even do a CnC file to make as many of these as we want. We could use something on the three bandsaws.)

@Fmartin I left the OptiPlex next to the old CNC computer, it pretty much just needs a Solid state upgrade and windows 10 OS installed. Send me the link for the Solid state that you choose that is compatible. amazon 1st or discount electronics links are acceptable.
I also left 4in hose by the router

I’m working out of town today. Will be back tomorrow

No problem at your leisure

Quick and dirty recommendations:
SAMSUNG 860 PRO SSD 512GB - 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive with MLC V-NAND Technology (MZ-76P512BW) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07836C6YV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_hE0JFb6GWMHDY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

SATA iii PCIe adapter ( to get the full benefit of SSD speed) I/O Crest 4 Port SATA III PCI-e 2.0 x1 Controller Card Marvell 9215 Non-Raid with Low Profile Bracket SI-PEX40064 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AZ9T3OU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_C21JFbJEPTDRB
Longer explanation
this is what’s in the machine
Core i5 2600 @3.3Ghz

16 Gb ddr3 10666 @1333 MHz

HDD 2.5” Sata 3gb/s 250Gb 7200rpm western digital Scorpio black.

SATA controller is A 2.0 Which maxes out at 3 Gb (bits) per second which is a throughput of 300 MB (bytes) per second. The SSD I have listed is almost twice as fast 560MB read/ 530 MB write So to get this. We need to go to SATA 3.0 or 6 MB/s with an expansion card.

  1. Ram is maxed out according to factory specs. People have successfully pushed this machine to 32 GB. I would use the existing Ram for now. We can set it up make sure everything is stable. If we want to do Ram Upgrade later, We haven’t burned any bridges. Windows 10 may choke a little on 16 GB But will probably be OK.
  2. The highest this motherboard can go is an i7 3770. Probably not worth upgrading from the i5 which currently has.
  3. The real benefit will be the SSD. This model cannot use an NVME. Both read write speeds and reliability should be the issue. - My personal choice would be Samsung 860 EVO pro. It has good read write speeds and more longevity as it uses MLC (Two layer write) supposed to TLC (Three layer write) or QLC (four layer write). The regular Samsung 860 EVO is slightly less expensive with similar read right performance but less longevity. I don’t recommend the QLC
    There are other cheaper SSDs. I think this offers a good mix of reliability and speed.