Openpath Wave to Unlock Feature

I found out recently that many people probably aren’t aware of the Openpath wave to unlock feature.

If you open the app and go to the permissions settings, you’ll see a subsection labeled enable wave to unlock. If you enable all of those settings, you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket or even open the app to get in the doors. Just wave your hand over the reader and it should unlock the door.

A caveat - the feature does require location services be set to always. You can make your own assessments of the privacy considerations there, but FWIW they do claim not to store any location data.

This does increase your standby drain by quite a bit. However, most people need to recharge because of use, not standby. Well, like, if you go camping for a few days and leave your phone on, this will significantly shorten how long the battery lasts, but then, why would anyone leave it on while camping. And even if you did, you can disable the always-on function.