Official ref for latest storage policies?

I get the impression that our storage policies have evolved a bit, but we haven’t been rigorous about updating the official reference docs (or, possibly, I just missed a memo on where the latest official policy is stated).

My current assumption is that this Storage Policies page on the Wiki is supposed to be the official word, but it is clearly outdated in some ways (notably, the table and rack layout has changed, so it now isn’t clear how the old diagram maps to the new reality).

You’re correct. The map on the Wiki has not been kept up to date. The Storage tags themselves are up to date, however. They don’t have a map, but they do stipulate shelf storage, sheet storage, vertical storage, glue up tables, and Board Approved Exemptions.

One week for shelf, vertical and sheet storage. 24 hours for glue up tables. Board approved exception is just that. Ask the board, and receive approval before leaving something that doesn’t fit in the other areas.

We do our best to look over the storage areas and send notifications for overdue items. If you have questions about any particular item, you can post a note on Discourse, or send an email to

We try not to be Draconian about storage, but we have disposed of items and material after some time and attempts to contact the member. Storage violations are treated as Asmbly policy violations.

Glue ups left on regular work tables are very likely to be moved to a glue up table. So you do risk your project being handled by others if you leave it on the wrong table.

What @cfstaley said. The only thing on that page that is out of date is the map. All the time lengths, etc are the same.

OK, thanks for clarifying, @cfstaley and @valerie.

If y’all would like help updating the wiki page, I don’t mind doing that. I just don’t think I currently have edit access to the Policy pages. :slight_smile:

Yeah, as one might expect, we keep policy page edit rights highly restricted so that there is no capability for policies to be changed willy nilly. Interestingly, I don’t seem to currently have access either :joy: I’ll follow up with @Jon on that.

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