Office chairs in classroom for grabs - good bones!

Disposition is getting under way and there’s lots of stuff ready to go and more getting lined up. Much of what’s in the classroom is up for disposition, but not all of it. If it hasn’t been explicitly stated as up for disposition, please ask before taking it.

Items that you definitely can take are any of the office chairs remaining inside the classroom (we’ve taken any that were in decent condition out). All the chairs remaining in the classroom have worn areas in the seats and aren’t lovely to look at in their current state, but they would be awesome for reupholstering projects or for stripping down for parts! Please take as many of them as you would like!!

These chairs are officially in last call state. If they aren’t gone by this weekend (5/7/21), then someone please take them to a good donation site (@JoeN I think you mentioned an office furniture place that might be good).

Topps furniture.

We’ve determined that the majority (maybe all) of these chairs need to just go in the dumpster. If you are at the space and there is room in our dumpster, please help out by taking some of these chairs in the classroom to the dump.