Offering large ash logs

A year ago my neighbor had to take a bunch of an ash tree down and I asked the tree guys to leave some logs for me thinking I was going to resaw them, wait for the boards to dry, and use them somehow.

It’s become clear to me that I will never do any of that. I cannot even lift some of these logs. Maybe you can, and you want to help me out by taking them from my side yard to your stash?

I live super close to ASMBLY for easy pickup.

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If you plan to bring the logs into Asmbly, check the bark carefully all the way around. If you see any kind of hole or spots where the bark is missing, there is a high chance the log is infested with wee creatures and i would curtail from bringing into Asmbly as the bugs, larvae, or beetles can spread throughout the shop. Ash is like candy to many beetles and larvae. Some attack the tree while is alive, some like it once the tree is dead.

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