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Hey I wanted to use 3d printers but I came to the shop I noticed yall used octoprint to coordinate the prints. I was wondering if I could get the login information to the octoprint. I need it for a small project (keyboard case). I have used 3d printers in the past and I know how they work (design/filaments/nozzles/ cleanup). I tried using the walkthrough that I found on this forum through the search bar but it seems the login information is out of date.


If you aren’t aware of Octoprint, that would seem to indicate that you have not been through the 3D printing class or checked out with a 3D printing steward. If that’s the case, you should not be using the equipment. Please check with @Devmani about getting access to the 3D printers.

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Hi @hiran, I am a recently new member (joined a month ago) and have also been using 3D printers for several years, there is a 1-on-1 “short version” of the 3D printing class if you’re already experienced and don’t need to relearn the basics you can request, which is what I did. There’s still workflows/rules/etiquette specific to our space (which I’d actually like to add to our documentation).

By design, I think we omit the logins from the documentation to make sure only people who either have taken the class or been individually approved use the printers.



Awesome, that sounds exactly what I am looking for. Who I do email to get the 1-on-1 short version.

The next availability won’t be until the 23rd of this month. But you can speak with @David on getting you set up/registered.

Hi Ali,

Let me know a couple of dates that might work for you and we can schedule a 1:1 to fast track you.

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Thanks David, I don’t know your email and it seems I can’t dm on this platform. I will be available weekdays evenings (5-8pm) and I will be available on the weekends.
Thanks again.