Octaprint login

Information/ help

The username and login I previously used for the octaprint interface on the 3d printers no longer appears to work for me. Has something changed? What must I do to be able to access the printers again ?
Thanks for any help /advice.

When is the next time you are at the shop? I can walk you through the new workflow as things have changed.

It is extremely kind of you to offer. Thank you.
I am happy to come in at your convenience. When would it be convenient for you and I will make sure I am there. ( I have fairly flexible schedule so could make sure I am there at a time that works for you).
Once again, THANK YOU

(I happen to be at the space 3-4 pm tomorrow 6-28, too, but only if that is convenient for you).


Was this on the CR-10?

The usual login I was taught on Saturday works on Apollo and Hermes (the two Prusas) but not the CR-10

Yes. The CR-10

Incidentally, I am very excited to be able to take your course on electronic wearables!!