[NPO Tools] Spray Canopy

I would like to see a fordable spray canopy that could be setup in the autobay for spray painting and applying other noxious finishes. Basically this is a foldable canopy tent with plastic all around it. Then you add 2-3 intake box fans on one side and 2-3 exhaust fans on the other. HEPA filters are inserted in front of the fans to filter dust coming in and paint going out. I picture the exhaust fans being mounted in a mount the same width as the garage door so the exhaust fans would exhaust outside but the garage door could still be closed ~3/4 of the way on top of this mount. Also since the compressor is in the autobay you could easily use a spray gun. The fan mounts would be slim so they could be leaned against a wall when not in use. The canopy is foldable so it would also have a small foot print.

Parts List:

  • Canopy Tent (~8’x~8’)
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Wrap
  • 6 Box Fans
  • 6 HEPA Filters
  • 2 Fan Mounts
  • Spray Gun (Optional)

YouTube Video showing the final product:

2 cents… If this idea gets legs we should include facilities for parts to dry in a dust free environment. I don’t have further input what that might look like.

If you are painting a car. You can rent the spray booth at the Auto Diy Shop. I would not want to have noxious fumes being sprayed in the shop.