Novel Use for the Shaper Origin

Charlie wanted a plant stand from a block of pecan 24" tall and 11" square and built a metal stand made from one inch square tubing that needed to be embedded into the base of the pecan. The question is how to cut a channel into the tall block of pecan? We settled on using the Shaper Origin as the best option as the part is too tall for the CNC, too heavy for the router table and too fussy for pattern routing. Here is the finished project.


First step - we created a board that has the Shaper Tape that fits flush with the surface of the pecan. This allows us to safely move the Shaper across the part and maintain alignment. On a piece of plywood with Shaper Tape we made a cut out that tightly fits the base of the pecan.

Second Step - Place the board over the pecan and brace it with clamps and temporary supports and start cutting using AutoPass.

Wow, that’s a gorgeous piece of pecan.

Using a 1/4" bit working from the outside to the middle we made the channel cut for the stand.


Clever use, nice job!