Notice: Upgrade your Lightburn to

Lightburn just pushed an update for, the prior version was I’ve updated Tarkin’s machine to

Otherwise, you will get a nag notice at every opening that you should consider updating. All your files saved under will open of course, but I’m not sure we can guarantee forward-compatibility. i.e. a Lightburn project saved on Asmbly’s machine may not open on an outdated install at home, but I have no proof of such a problem, I didn’t check.

LB has some new features. I do see they added a field to dithered rastering (I believe that’s one I requested!). That may mean that your saved project’s Layer settings might be out of date and you might need to review whether the default it throws for old projects is the best option I will be adjusting the Materials Database entries soon for the optimal values for the new field but that is not updated yet.

Possible install hitches:
Even if you close all Lightburn instances prior to updating (required), the updater may still report that there are instances running and hang up trying to kill them. LB does sometimes create zombie processes you cannot kill and I can’t even find on Task Manager, just reboot and it will be fine.

At the end of installer, it may say your license key is invalid/expired and prompt you to enter it anew with the key field blank. If you don’t have the key handy, try exiting and restarting LB, that actually worked without reentering the key (which I didn’t have on hand). If that doesn’t work and you don’t have the key string stored anywhere, you need to recover your key there’s an online tool for that.

I have seen LB installer report a problem deleting/changing existing files. I worked around by deleting the old install entirely.

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I can confirm that it is, Mr. Influencer!
I just updated several computers … no hitches.
Must be you; guess you’re special in a variety of ways. :joy:

OoohWee them changes are juicy to say the least. Material test and sheer functions are exciting!

Now I’m really curious how “find my laser” works. play music with the stepper motors? slam the X back and forth so the cabinet shakes?

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Minor hotfix. We are now on LB 1.10.01

Looks like there is an update to LightBurn 1.2 that pops up when you start it on Tarkin. Can we do this update? My file from home was done on 1.2 apparently (newly installed recently) and gives me a warning that it may not handle the file correctly in 1.1…

The big upgrade in Lightburn 1.2 was support for galvo lasers.

Go ahead and upgrade it. Dorian has been upgraded, forgot to do Tarkin.

Just a head’s up - I tried to upgrade Lightburn on Tarkin today but it wants an admin pin. 1.2 doesn’t seem to have any effect on my ability to cut 2.0 designs so far - so not really an issue for me.

Tarkin upgraded to 1.12.00

It looks like when you select a settings entry from the library, it defaults to a “locked” status where you can’t change the parameters. And weirdly you can’t view the parameters you’re using.

But all you do is click “unlock” and you can view and change them