Notice: ATXHS changeover to Quat sanitizer for COVID

Hello folks,

We are changing everything over to a very safe, highly effective “quat” (quaternary ammonium) antimicrobial sanitizer product, widely used to sanitize hospitals, food service customer areas, and food prep surfaces, and is EPA approved for fighting COVID19.

The exact product is NCL quat, diluted in water and tested to mfg specifications:

It has a green tint, has a “wintergreen mint” smell, basically smells like a hospital. Unlike bleach, it is not noxious to breathe in the area after applying.

Quat is safe for wood, metal, plastics, rubber, painted surfaces, keyboards, computer mice and leaves no residue. It is not particularly irritating to skin but is not to be used for cleaning hands and should be rinsed off skin after handling, and kept away from eyes and mouth. Like always, hands should be cleaned with the labeled ethanol Hand Sanitizer bottles, or of course soap and water at the sink.

The quat solution is being provided at ATXHS in sprayer bottles with QUAT labeling, alongside common paper towels. It may be sprayed directly on most work surfaces, but can also be sprayed onto a paper towel and then used as an equipment wipe, which is probably going to be the most practical all-around solution for most cases.

Please do not spray on:
power switches
DO NOT USE INSIDE LASERS IN ANY WAY. The external laser control panel should only be cleaned with a WIPE, not a direct spray. The lid should be cleaned where it is handled to lift it or any external surface you touched while using. But not INSIDE the laser bed, it can damage the optics.
Do not use on CNC bed in any way- MDF is very porous and not friendly to water-based cleaners.

WARNING: QUAT is ammonia based. DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH, including bleach-containing wipes, as mixing bleach and ammonia make nasty chloramine gas. We are removing bleach products from the floor to avoid this incompatibility. There is no reaction if it contacts ethanol hand sanitizer, but there is no reason to mix them.

Please try to avoid leaving the unpainted steel surfaces of the welding tables, table saw, planer, jointer, bandsaw, drill press tops wet after applying, to avoid rust. Wiping is most practical. It is ok to leave them damp after wiping a paper towel wetted with sanitizer, I don’t think we need to follow up with a dry paper towel or anything.

Note that quat cleaner is not “soap”. It is a bit more effective than water at cleaning up paint, oil, dirt, sharpie, etc but may not be the best at tough messes.

Please continue following the listed work area sanitizing procedures using this product, and stay safe!