Not left on Glue up table and no tag

Please do not leave your projects on work tables. Glue ups should be on the glue up tables. Paper should be under project, to protect tables from glue.Tag with your name must be filled out.


I have run into the following issue several times. I reserved workbench #6 specially so I can glue up some boards. When I arrived, the bench was being used by another member who was not doing a glue up. When I inquired that I reserved that specific table for glue ups, I’m told “it doesn’t matter what you reserve, it’s first come first serve.”

I cannot know if this is the case in this specific incident, however the reservations made in Skeeda should be followed, otherwise what’s the point?

I’m not looking to create a problem or rock the boat I’m simply sharing my experiences. I sincerely hope this is something that can be remedied by numbering the benches and reminding the members to work at the bench they reserved.

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First, there is no such thing as reserving a specific bench.

Second, tables 1 and 2, nearest the CNC, are designated for glue ups, not 6. But this designation is not absolute. We recommend people not doing glue ups use other tables if they are available, but anyone may use them for any purpose.

Why aren’t tables and reservations 1 to 1? First, because we have 9 tables: 6 “full size” fixed location and three half-sized on wheels. The latter have special features, mainly dog holes, but anyone may use them for any legitimate purpose, anywhere they can be rolled without obstructing other people.

Second, because in addition to the 6 wood shop slots, there are slots for the Origin and the Domino, which are used in the wood shop. In addition, people using the large CNC, the Tormach, or in the metal shop may need some table space. This does pose some problems, and we are considering dedicated table space for the CNC and Tormach, and we will definitely be expanding general table space in the metal shop. But we aren’t there yet.

Inversely, people can share tables, and should when the shop is busy if possible. I used to be really bad about bringing in tons of tools and spreading out, but then I cleared out the space underneath five of the large tables. Now I put all my bins of tools under the table when I can. I encourage others to do this as well.

I’m sorry you had trouble finding space to work. It can definitely be a problem, and the leadership is very aware of that.


Another reason tables and reservations cannot be 1-to-1: glue ups. Members are allowed to leave their (properly tagged!) clamped glue-ups on tables 1 and 2 for up to 24 hours. But that can leave one or both tables partially or wholly unusable. (Members are encouraged to move glue-ups underneath those tables or onto shelf storage instead when feasible.)

Others with more experience or knowledge may want to clarify my next point, but it is my understanding that, while wood glue does take 24 hours to cure fully, it is not necessary to clamp it for more than an hour or so in most cases. It seems most people automatically leave glue ups to dry overnight. While that is allowed, that does mean they are likely consuming table space far longer than actually necessary.

Yes and no. Per Titebond:

If your glue-up is a little crooked and you really need to put the screws to it for everything to line up, you need to clamp overnight. It’s not ideal but it happens (I’ve certainly done it more than once).

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The numbering of the tables changed after the new CNC was brought in—they were 5 & 6.

I understand what you’re saying regarding the 1:1 reservation limitations. I appreciate your thoughtful reply and will change accordingly.

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Michael, I’m glad of your understanding. I know things can be frustrating when things don’t go as planned. Just a suggestion, you can do glue ups on other tables (except Artisan work bench). Protect the surface of the table but if you can’t (sometimes there is no paper available), scrape off the glue or clean the mess off the table when you’re done. Don’t forget to tag your work and leave a message stating that the “gluing tables” were not available and also when the clamps can be removed. Dont get upset if your project gets moved. I usually write all this right on my project or use masking tape. The paper tag some times flies away or accidentally may be removed or there may be none to be found. Be prompt in clearing the table. You also have the option (if size is manageable) of gluing your stuff and moving your project off the table somewhere on the floor where it does not get on the way. Be concious to clean any glue that may get on the floor. Again thanks for the understanding, find work arounds to use you reserved time effectively, and remember is a maker space; expect to use it collectively with others.


All great points.
If you do not want your project touched, then use the glue up tables, and return as quickly as possible.
If you’re working on the glue up tables, please remain aware if others want to do a glue up. If you want your material close to the table saw, grab one of the 3 portable work tables, down by the lathes. (Remember to return it, when finished)

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