[No longer needed] Gas bottle status signs

Our welding gas bottles in storage could use signs to indicate whether they are empty or full. @jamesfreeman was apparently envisioning something nicely laser cut and etched or CNC carved from nice wood, rather than something “obviously made in less than a minute”.

We would need at least two of them (and at most four), saying “FULL” on one side and “EMPTY” on the other, readable from a dozen or so feet away, to be hung over the bottle head with either a nice cord or a short length of chain.

Just my $0.02 but it might be nice to also add some color for even quicker glances. Green for full, red for empty. Could probably be reliably read from across the shop at that point. If these aren’t done by next week I will take a crack at em.


The common system in labs with bottled gas is to tape an X on empty bottles in bright tape. Easy to see from anywhere, and no need to swap signs or make sure they’re facing the right way or wonder if the sign accidentally got flipped around. If it has tape on it, it’s empty. If it doesn’t, it’s full.


That does have the advantage of clarity and simplicity. They taped the bottle itself? Any particular color (other than something bright?)

Yep, we’d just tape the bottle itself (not the cap, for obvious reasons). Doesn’t really matter what color as long as it’s easy to see. Masking tape works well. Amazon.com