NO Internet and could not connect to printer for class

I was unable to connect to the internet and then I was unable to cut anything so i am sure that there is some sort of network issue going on. There is no WiFi either so…i looked at the router and it seemed like it was on, but i am pretty mucn

Were you not able to connect to Red from the computer next to it?

Red and the shop wifi I’m pretty sure are all run to the switch in the electronics lab, which is one that I haven’t heard (yet) of being troublesome. first time for everything, I suppose. That switch is super loud - if the electronics lab is quiet, then the rack has a power problem.

I was tentatively planning on re-organizing all that at workday. Couldn’t have waited three more weeks to konk out, could it?

The modem is online and I’ve managed to get the WiFi network to come back up. However it’s spitting out 169 addresses and won’t let you connect to it. Then the solid green light begins to flash about once every 5 seconds

The issue is the dell power connect in the lounge that everything is connected to. 1. One of the fans keeps failing. I was able to get it chugging along with some precision tool oil I have, but it still sounds horrible. I was also able to get the LAN back up and running. However, there isn’t any internet access because I believe the portion of the PowerConnect that relays the modem to the router overheated and is no longer with us. The router itself connects to the internet fine as I was able to connect to its dedicated wifi.

Sounds like major network repairs are coming a little earlier than I’d hoped. I ordered a USW-48 (it’s fanless!) to put in the lounge. I’m not sure why the WAN goes through a segment of the PowerConnect at all – I’d think we could just plug the WAN port of the ER4 directly into the Spectrum router.

Unless perhaps we’re doing something with vlan tagging to route multiple networks via a single cable between the racks? I don’t have any credentials for those switches.

I think we’re OK for now. The modem is plugged directly into the new router, which is supplying the internal wired and wireless networks. What’s left of the security network is still its own little island hanging off the ER4 in the electronics lab.

Im at the space now and print jobs for Red are apparently not getting to the Laser.

Printer driver seems to say its there, but nothing happens on the laser after I sent a job.

Any help?

EDIT - print queue was full of jobs. Tried to delete them, but one is stuck on status “deleting - printing”

You have to go into admin account pin is taped to the monitor, go to services > print spooler , Start/stop spoooler

Thanks much. Took me a minute to figure out the windows stuff to do that, but I’m up and lasering now.