Nice slabs at Rockler right now for decent prices

I was at Rockler yesterday picking up some stuff and found myself getting super tempted by the live edge slabs they just got in recently. There are several really nice ones in the $100-$200 range — walnut, cherry, hackberry, elm. They also had a real nice 8/4 walnut in the $600 range that was massive and really gorgeous. Just wanted to give a heads up in case anyone is in the market!

(whoops, looks like I only snagged pics of the walnut ones)

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Thank’s for the heads up Valerie, that’s some very nice looking walnut. What do you have planned make?

I really want to make something with live edge (well i want to get around to woodworking in general, but love the look of live edge) but… how do you process something this large? It doesn’t fit in the jointer/ planer right? Just sand it and add legs?

Large CNC machine.

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@Glory2God I might not be able to resist one of the cherry slabs and may make a new desk with it. Haven’t bought one yet, but they are tempting me :sweat_smile: As if I don’t have enough wood queued up for projects :rofl: :woman_facepalming:

@njinuity yeah with wood this pretty, you’d basically want to flatten it on the CNC, then sand, finish, and throw some legs on. Of course you can also do cool epoxy stuff with them and make them wider. Like that really tall skinny one could be interesting to split down the middle with a track saw then make a waterfall epoxy table like this with it.

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