New User question: should grizzly be turned off at night?

Hi, I’m new here. I was the last one out of woodshop last night. I turned off the big dust collector but noticed the smaller one called “grizzly” was on. That wasn’t covered woodshop safety so wasn’t sure if that needed to be on or off. I left it on. Correct or incorrect?

All dust collectors should be shut down when not in use.


Thanks for posting to check on this @mdfw! Just wanted to clarify real quick – if the small Grizzly one you are referring to is the one right next to the big Laguna DC, then that one should be turned on/off by members using the small CNC in that corner. That is the only equipment it is hooked up to and it should only be on when the small CNC is in use.

Thanks for your diligence!

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