New titles to acknowledge efforts 👏

Two of our contractors have been spearheading tasks and making major contributions to Asmbly beyond their titles and we’re excited to update their titles to reflect this!

Matthew Miller — Analytics and Automation Developer

For a long time now, @mkmiller6 has been working on behind the scenes projects that streamline our backend operations and provide data to inform our decisions. The Education Team has several automated process and reports as a result and we’re able to keep a regular pulse on class demand, feedback, and many other metrics.

Sid Holderbach — Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

It’s incredible to think it’s only been 6 months since @Sid joined Asmbly as Membership Coordinator. They quickly reached expert level knowledge of the organization and offerings, providing friendly, knowledgeable help to prospective and existing members alike. They also have taken considerable initiative to rally volunteers to get stuff done around the space and stepped up to lead the On-Duty Volunteer program in support of our GM @Snestle and our Shop Area Leads (check out our website for a complete list and stay tuned for more formal intros later)

Please join me in a round of applause for these awesome people :clap: :clap: :clap: Thank you both for all your contributions! :heart:

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Congratulations on the well earned title promotions! Thank you Valerie for making this happen and sharing it with the membership.

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