New Tarkin focus tool

New focus tool. It’s very obvious where it needs to go and adjust to.

It has a tiny slope so it will push off instead of getting pinched if the table goes too high. And it doesn’t get blown around by the air assist.

Dorian is still using the wooden focus sticks for now. I’m working on a tool for it.


Awesome Danny! Thank you for all these amazing tools that help us become better lightning wizards.

Also, the clamps you made are incredible!

Ah, I see a flaw now that I’m looking at the pic.

It’s possible someone could place this under the air assist elbow and pinch it there. I’m making a new version with a slope on top so it will roll away first


As a heads up when I tried to adjust the z height the bed shifted diagonally instead of up and down. I used the remote.

Could you check the z height setting to make sure it’s not faulty?