New push sticks for table saw

Could we get a new yellow push stick? I love the shape of this one but I think it’s time for a replacement.

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It would be good to re-hab the Grr-Ripper as well. It’s been carved up pretty badly, and the rubber bottom is almost gone, and has very little grip. It’s a great system when working. I need to take a good long look at it and see if it can be re-hab’d, or if replacement is the better choice.

Ordered @Mollie

Send me a link

Thanks Eric

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I found the parts that I think that we need, but I want to confirm. I’ll be in the shop on Sunday.

2 sets of “3 piece replacement legs”
1 set of"red bag hardware"

Hardware is only available on MicroJig website
Legs are available there, or on Amazon.