New Member Orientation

Hiya! I am attempting to join the New Member Orientation with Bryan, via Zoom. Is it still happening tonight?

Same question, I’m waiting in the zoom lobby as well.

Just now seeing these, @r1b4z01d were you able to get this started?

Sorry I started it late. I could not find the zoom link but I registered for the class and it emailed me the link. @valerie is there a way we could add the zoom link in neon? Or am I missing it somewhere?

We include it in the registration email. Having it on the event description itself wouldn’t work well since that would then allow people to join who haven’t registered and mess up our records on who has attended. We use the same link every time, would you be able to bookmark it? I could also add you as a CC to registration emails, but that will get pretty noisy for your inbox as you would get emailed every time someone registered regardless of whether it is for a session you are leading.

I’m still working on setting up the cronjob for the reminder script I wrote that sends the email out with info about classes/events people are leading. I can add the Zoom link to that too. I’m setting a reminder for myself to just run it manually on Sundays right now until I have time to finish setting it up as a cronjob.

@valerie that makes sense. Scott informed me that it’s the same link, so I just booked marked it. No need to do any additional work.

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Oh you know what would make a lot of sense, to have the link in the notes section on the orientation slide deck. I’ll add it there.

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Great idea! :bulb: