New member, no OpenPath email

I haven’t received an email for OpenPath, but have Neon, Skedda, Discourse, signed the waiver, and attended orientation. I made them all with the same email as far as I know. Email is


Have you checked your spam folder just in case it landed over there?

I’m a new member too and have not received the openpath email. I have checked my junk folder just in case, but there is nothing regarding openpath or from Assbly. I have access to everything else, and I’m anxious to get going. Please let me know if there is something else that I needs to get done.

Thank you!!

I do know that a fair number of the people on our board and the stewards have been out of town and/or on holiday, so there might be a delay in response. Probably helpful to also email with your question in case you haven’t already

Thank you Stephannie, I’ll shoot off an email right now.

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@toddanderson02 you should be seeing the OpenPath email for you within the next 12 hours (it’s a script that runs a few times a day). It looks like @David helped get your profile updated today.

@Glory2God it looks like we’re missing your attendance at the orientation you attended in January. I’ll reply to the email you sent with more info.

Todd and Michael,

You both sound anxious to get started which is great!

What projects do you have in mind?

Thanks Valerie and thanks everyone. Got the email now.

No project in particular, but probably some laser cutter mandalas

Then you should meet @dannym, @cfstaley and @Felipeg101 who are all mandala makers.

Travis, up first is a roubo workbench using Southern Yellow Pine.

When my wife & I moved here 2 1/2 years ago, our moving company seriously underestimated the size of our home belongings and we had to leave behind some of our furniture which I plan to remake. Even worse, they could not load any of my wood shop items (workbench, over $2,000 worth of lumber, mitre saw, shop lighting, and a host of other items). I had boxed up all my hand tools and small shop items so fortunately I still have those.

I was a member of a community adult education school for three years that had an extensive woodworking and carpentry program. I’m very excited to get back to work. My wife is also ready for me to get back into the garage :wink:.


Michael, in your note there are signs that you will likely enjoy Asmbly.

You’re already a skilled woodworker. Bravo! You come from an adult education community so you get the value of education, appreciate learning and probably can teach. Furthermore, collaboration might be in your DNA after three years at the school.

Welcome! Glad that Asmbly can be your new “garage”. :smile:

Hi, I also am having issues with not recieving the OpenPath email. I attended orientation and paid for membership around the same time last week, I believe on the same email address (

@pearlgreymusic did you sign the waiver ( with the same name and email as Neon (same info you listed here)? If so, can you tell me the date so I can narrow down my search, or if you happen to have a confirmation email from signing and can forward that to that would be even better.

I think our Zapier integrations are having some issues. I was looking into this for someone else earlier and it showed as successful in Zapier, but didn’t actually update the account. We’ll have to do some investigating on that this weekend.

Ah, I did not sign the waiver (until now), I think I confused the waiver with the attendance sheet that I did sign at the end of the presentation on Saturday (Sat, Jun 11, 12:44 PM)

Aha, OK that solves that and I do see your waiver, darn integration did fail again but I’ve got you marked manually for it so you should see the OpenPath email here within the next 4 hours (it’s a script that definitely is working properly and runs roughly every 4 hrs).

Hey team, I am having the same issue. No Open Path email. I already have membership, signed waiver (Resigned one today to make sure) went to orientation and shop safety class. I was really trying to get in there today. Any advice?

@Jlac it looks like your attendance wasn’t marked for the member orientation (the session separate from the woodshop safety class). I’ll go ahead and mark you manually, so you should see the email sometime in the next 4 hrs. Don’t forget to book your time in Skedda (that link is in your membership purchase email).

Got it thank you!

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Hello! My name is Nick and I am a new member and trying to get into the facility today. I realized I never received an openpath email for some reason. Is it possible to get that activated today!? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!