New mdf for spoilboard?

The spoilboard is about down to the spot where we glued a new panel on last time. Since it’s a bit involved should we gather volunteers and schedule a date to do this in the next few weeks?

Bumping this up. @dannym @jamesfreeman could we plan to do this when the cnc gets turned sideways?

I’m not sure whats all involved in replacing the spoil board. I’m assuming the old board needs to be surfaced down to at least the glue line. I don;t think I’ve seen any replacement mdf in the shop for it.

I think after rotating it would be a great time to replace it or at least surface it.

Yeah, it needs to be surfaced, not necessarily to the glue line, but flat. And then last time we added MDF we glued two pieces together, let it dry, and then glued that on to the CNC, let it dry and surface it again.

@dannym I don’t recall the sizes we need to cut the MDF to.

I’d imagine getting it close to the glue line would be best, to avoid multiple glue sections. But that may not matter.
If we know what size mdf we need I can arrange transport of it. Is this something the space pays for?

@jamesfreeman a bed layer uses two sheets of 1" MDF that comes from Austin Fine Lumber. It also uses extended-work-time wood glue which I think we have enough of.

Of course hardware store 3/4" would work too, but each layer requires cutting and layup work and it’s not a good return to only add a 3/4" layer.

I agree, if we’re going through the work it would be good get a full 2 inch height. I’d love to have a couple of us trained on how to do this so that we can schedule quarterly CNC surfacing and be able to add more mdf as needed.

@EricP does the space buy MDF for the CNC?
@dannym is two 4/8 sheets enough or do we need more?


Just a question: do we need to replace the MDF, or do we just need to resurface it right now? I don’t think many of the cuts are deeper than 1/8", so why not just take a 1/8" off? It seems like there’s more then 3/4" left on the upper spoil board.

1" MDF doesn’t seem to be available right now.

We could just surface it. It’s about at the level where we glued more MDF last time. Although if it is better to surface it down to the glue line then we should be able to surface it 2-3 more times before adding more MDF.

Although, if we let the spoilboard get too thin there is risk of people using too long of screws and screwing into the metal frame, which has happened in the past.

Sounds like with the amount of effort it takes to add a new board, and the lack of 1" MDF, maybe its best to surface for now. We could gear up for replacing it on the next go round, and train a few people for that in the meantime?

That sounds good. I’ll see if I can find some time to surface it next week.