New material testing - Sublimation markers

The other day at Joann, I noticed these sublimation markers, and had to get them to continue my run of testing All The Sublimation Supplies™️

I made a few drawings. Just to test out the colors. The markers say to just use normal copy paper, so I did that. I also did a sample on sublimation paper.

Then a little doodle. The black outline of this drawing is in a normal permanent marker, because I wanted to see if that color would transfer at all with the heat press

And here are the results. Slightly greater color saturation with the sublimation paper (although that could honestly be down to how hard I pressed the pen onto the paper). Black permanent marker lines (Copic brand) did not transfer, nor did pencil marks.

It was interesting to see that there wasn’t a great deal of color mixing in the grid.

These are really expensive markers $20 for the 6. So it’s not going to be an all the time sort of event. But I can see how these could allow for some interesting opportunities (like kids drawing art to put on an item as a present for grandparents)

(Edit to add - flower and grid both on copy paper only)


Good to know! Thanks for sharing your explorations.