New CNC Class on the Way - Direct Fusion 360 to CNC

Stay tuned for a great, new class led by Matt McGrail that will take you step by step from concept in Fusion 360 all the way through to machining on one of Laguna CNCs without using Vcarve. Here are some photos from a trial run last night. This is a Salt Cellar made from walnut and white acrylic.


Interested. Revisiting Fusion has been on my TODO list for awhile.

Ahh so interested in this :partying_face:

Looks AMAZING! Integrating Fusion 360 into a class is a terrific idea, especially from a 3d machining perspective.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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Iā€™m looking forward to this!

Do we know when the class will be posted?

@jamesfreeman handles the CNC class schedule, so he should know more on this.

3 class sessions have been added to the schedule for Intro to Fusion.
I expect these will fill quickly, so grab a spot soon.