New class - Tool Sharpening 101 - Chisels

Hey hackers!

Just wanted to let everyone know we’ve got a new class for next week on Thursday 11/12/20 At 6:30 PM teaching a vital skill for any woodworker – tool sharpening. Check out the event page here or on and register to reserve your spot!


Thanks to @valerie for posting the announcement, and to @wynd for asking for more info! Joe will mostly be looking at the chisels in the lathe area of the ATXHS shop and working with people to sharpen those, with the aim of having a group of people who feel comfortable sharpening, but my understanding is that if somebody’s got any kind of chisel to sharpen and wants to bring that in to work on, that’s totally fine and welcome. I’d also like to see if there can be a hand-sharpening contingent, anybody who wants to learn with @gmossessian, that evening or another Thursday evening –