New Class - Intro to Epoxy Resin

We’re excited to announce our new Intro to Epoxy Resin class! This is a class that has been requested and discussed frequently (most recently in this thread), so we’re excited to start teaching these.

This class will introduce the world of epoxy, discuss considerations and lessons learned the hard way. It will give some practical experience in all of the steps involved with using epoxy, so every student can walk away confident in their abilities to handle themselves. You will be pouring both deep pour and quicker setting epoxy during the class. Each student will walk out at the end of class with a finished live-edge wood and epoxy coaster like the one below.

Click here to see the full class description and register through Neon.

The first class is July 15th. We’ll be working to add more classes to the schedule as soon as possible, so stay tuned.