New air line for the cnc router

@zackg or @dannym Do you know what voltage to trigger an air solenoid from the cnc router? We can use it to turn on the air remotely for metal cuts. I will order from Automation Direct or look through my stash

@dannym FYI, Joe and I had briefly discussed configuring support for the M7 mist cooling command Idk exactly how the pin control works, and if we have any free to make use of it.

Right, this should be controlled via M7 command triggering a solenoid.

I included wiring for at least one 24VDC solenoid all the way up to the head when I built it. I may not have populated the PCB component for it but I’ll look.

What outer diameter is that air line?

Cool, I’d love to know what the state of that is. We also don’t need to have it at the head if you want to keep the head weight down, it could easily be put elsewhere. Yeah, the air won’t shut off instantly if it’s not nearby, but it’ll be close enough.

Edit: I don’t remember the line’s OD. Joe will know

@danny I think it is 5/16 od

I got a 24 volt pneumatic solenoid on the way.


I went to use the CNC today, and the fiber nailgun wasn’t working. The plastic housing on the back seemed to be cracked and leaking out air.

Troubling. I’ll take a look tomorrow

Thanks for the report!

Also, the remote to turn off the vacuum wasn’t working. I had to shut it off at the switch.

I got the pneumatic valve a week ago. I had some out of town family situation to attend to. I will drop it off this week. I will also be in to mount the air nozzle and valve

I will be in Sat around 3 to install

I stopped by briefly late last week, and I’m not sure the best location to place the valve to now. If the shoe might be removed, we need to find a location where it dripping water won’t be an issue.

I’m thinking about going higher on the u channel. I will also install the pneumatic valve body, but not connect the connections till the signal wire is plumbed. Also want to test the valve

There’s unused wiring going to the head for it already there. The pads on the PCB for a solenoid switch were not populated yet, IIRC, but we can check. I have an updated PCB design I think I’m going to use for this, there’s other things I’ve updated anyhow. So mounting the solenoid is fine, and we can connect it to the wiring, but leave the pneumatic hose running past it for the moment.

Cool. I’ll try to be around on Saturday to give you a hand.

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@zackg Installed the pneumatic switch today. We developed a plan to mount the air nozzle while in use and when it is stored out of the way

We are working on the evolution of the install.

After using it for a while with the new setup…

I’m not as happy as I was with the prior setup. The nozzle isn’t close enough to the cutting area, so the air jet isn’t well aimed.

I think we should go with the plan that was mentioned of sticking a iron plate on the side of the spindle.

Cool. I do want to clarify for Danny’s sake. We are planning on attaching a piece of angle so the magnet for the air nozzle has a mounting spot while in use. It will not interfere with the home sequence or the movement of the z axis. It will be attached to u channel of the z axis

I will have someone work on the cutting a piece of angle iron and drill 2 holes