New Air Compressor Status

The upcoming fiber laser requires very clean compressed air, so we’ll need to get the Atlas Copco dry air compressor up and running before the fiber laser can get deployed. Does anyone know what exactly needs to be done to get it working?

I’ve heard a few different things about what’s required to get the dryer/filter operational, not sure if we actually have the part that’s missing and it just needs to be installed, or if that part still needs to be sourced.

If anyone knows who the last person was to work on the compressor, that would also be helpful.

We are looking at paying someone who is familiar with it to finish it. Will know more this week.

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Could you explain, roughly, what’s required to finish it?

aaaah I was just about to make a post about not being able to use the nail gun because there was no air in the tubes. this explains it

This is a new air compressor that isn’t used at the moment. I think you may want to check this thread about the nail gun

The oil separator is having an issue with separating oil from the air. The compressed air is bleeding from a bypass valve and not going into the tank.

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Check to make sure the compressor is on. Next to the garage door is a compressor, there’s a round red switch at chest height, make sure it’s in the auto position. It gets turned off at night, sometimes no one turns it back on for a long time.

I should have guessed. Thanks for the tip. Will loom for it next time

@JoeN Any news on Copco support? If we can’t get that machine up and running soon we need to look into buying a replacement.

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I feel the same way. I’m going to look at this weekend. Probably Sat

Here is a quick price check Price $4900 new

Kaiser seems to be a good screw compressor brand. I see them in industrial settings.

aw, it’s a baby :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking a G7 is only $500 more than a G5, but either option may be overkill for us. We just need to make sure we can run the media blaster without interrupting the fiber laser, plus a little leftover for miscellany.

Edit: the G4 pushes $7k when you add the dryer. Are you thinking we don’t need one, or we can re-use the one from the busted compressor?

on further consideration: could we keep the tank and dryer and just buy a new compressor package for it, or would that be more trouble than it’s worth?

I just saw this one on swico auctions go for $1000. Too bad, but I guess the condition is completely unknown.

yeah, “condition unknown” is how we got into this mess in the first place :confused:

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I saw this compressor the other day. I would look at a new one unless we know it works

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How much is the compressor replacement package? We know the dryer works on this one.

I spoke with James about the compressor. He said his shop has a compressor guy. I’m going to look at it for a bit on Sat. If I can’t solve it in an hour. We should talk to James’s person.

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I’m not seeing the 5hp tankless compressor for sale anywhere that lists prices online, which I’m guessing means it’s not notably cheaper than compressor+tank.

A compressor guy sounds like just the ticket

I’ve got a call in for the service, waiting for an email to confirm diag pricing.

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The Atlas Copco scroll compressor does have a functional refrigerated dryer, and the 3 phase motor and scroll compressor itself works.

The missing part is in the oil system. It looks like the only prob is that part. Atlas Copco normally has great parts support, but the difficulty is their parts diagram graphically shows a small there, but no part number or description for it. I did get the kit for that whole area which had parts on either side of this part but nothing resembling the component in the middle shown in the parts diagram graphic.

It’s just one part, and that’s a REALLY good scroll compressor to get working. Great brand, reliable, quiet, refrigerated dryer. It would be great if someone can grill Atlas Copco service department a little further on getting this part. Or, alternately, if anyone can figure what it does, just machine a replacement. In the parts diagram it’s just a small flanged cylinder with a hole in the side IIRC. I’m totally open to experimental hacking with a fabricated part, since we’ve not been able to get one from AC so far.